Spreading the disease

Spreading the disease

Okay, first of all thanks for the massive interest you have shown to this foolish venture and the patience in getting a reply. Thankfully, the dust has somewhat settled, and with the exception of a few loveable friends that won't bother to read the instructions and still try to do this via facebook, the rest is more or less settled for now and we're moving to the next stage.

If you sent me a list and you have not received a reply yet it probably means I never got said list. Please send it again from some mailbox that won't be eaten by the dark between the internets.

I am linking here two files, one that contains the original list with things that are sold/pending colored out, and a brand new one with more stuff as yet another friend succumbed to the vault clearance virus. As usual, all inquiries should be made to metalmorphosis@usa.net - not on FB please.

Since we're busy working on packing and shipping 300 odd books, new inquiries might take some time to process.

Thank you and enjoy.

p.s. At some point there will be another massive sale of rpg-related novels, but not right now.

original list

new list

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