The Visitation of Marie Kondo

The Visitation of Marie Kondo

In those weird introspective moments lingering in the embers of yet another all-nighter in front of a computer screen, sometimes I end up wondering “how can I make a bigger mess of things?”. Over the years I’ve had spectacularly bad ideas at these cusps of fate, and now (if you are reading this) you have to join in the suffering with my new one which is {drumroll} … decluttering the primary Vault!

I thought it would be super easy like snapping a few pics and answering a couple of FB messages. Last time I had a similar sale people weren’t that interested and I barely made a dent in the mountain of books. This time I got 200+ messages in a day, along with inquiries on my mental health, actual life, economic condition, etc. Some I haven’t read yet, because FB is a horrible medium to do this sort of thing outside of a dedicated group/page. But one thing became evident – this has to roll in a different way.

So, this is how it will go down. At the bottom of this post you will find a link to an excel spreadsheet, with the current state of my census. I expect that it needs 5-10 days to be finalized, as the malicious spirit of Marie Kondo has infected some good friends and they will join the bandwagon with similar lists, while I will move further down the basement towards the really old stuff that I sealed away. Currently work occupies 10-12 hours of my daily schedule and the rest belongs to the family and Gossip Girl re-runs on Netflix, so I can’t finish in a day. But the bigger bulk is there already, so we’ll soon be done.

Some explanations on the list itself. First condition: • Damaged usually means it was a boxed set and the box is gone. Maybe some random content is gone as well. • Average means it has seen better days but it is in one piece • Good means it came from the store to my library and stayed there without much damage, apart from the ravages of time • Mint is as good as it gets given the age and poor paper quality of some publications

If you don’t see a price next to an item it means it’s not up for sale yet. On average you can expect prices to range around 5-10 for normal supplements, 10-20 for big ones and 15-30 for hardcover core books/boxed sets. Some seriously collectable items that catch high triple digits on e-bay will go for a reasonable price only to people I know will actually play and enjoy having them. It’s a pet peeve of mine, but I really hate vintage game re-sellers/scalpers or seeing people selling things like the Planescape Boxed set for a 100 euros. They are not collector items, they are books to be enjoyed with your friends and your imagination. If the price tag sez “OFFER”, it means exactly that – make me an offer.

Now, the only way that a sale/trade can go down is by emailing me at,as I really can’t track the FB messages and I’d like to go back to shitposting memes and softcore porn all day with my mates without having two scroll two pages of first names in messenger. Also, because a lot of old comrades in arms have expressed interest in the collection I will have to give them priority even if they sent their requests later than someone else. In general take some time to check what you want, and give me some time to stew over your requests and see how I can make most people at least content. Disclaimer: people wasting my time will be politely told to go wank somewhere else – had a few of those the last time around.

Finally, since we’re living in interesting times blessed by Papa Nurgle, delivery will be either via courier service, drop off at Kaissa Neas Erythraias or hand loading your car – but I’d rather avoid the later for the reasons we all understand. Just don’t expect me to come and meet you anywhere, I’d rather recycle the books than drive anywhere at my current energy levels. Friends from abroad interested in this poke me, and we’ll work something out.
So without further ado, the link: --> click me <---

Yeah, I know the 40k RPG books are missing from the list. Lord Slaanesh told me my work there is not yet done. However, about 200-300 books will be added shortly mostly AD&D and WoD stuff.

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